t-mobile-video-call-samsung  AT&T Launch of Video Calling and RCS-Based Messaging

November 23, 2015 . By M8Trix Communications

AT&T Mobility is soon to launch Video Call capabilities and native Advanced Messaging on its network via Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Through AT&T Video Call, customers are able to make and receive HD Voice calls combined with real-time video. In order to access Video Call, the customer and the person they are calling must be AT&T postpaid wireless customers in an AT&T HD Voice coverage area and have a device that is capable of Video Call. AT&T has selected the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active to launch Video Call, but will be expanding to other devices soon.

Using the call screen, customers are able to switch between an HD Voice call and a Video Call, and can add another person to the video call if desired. Video Calls use voice and data that is billed separately under existing wireless rate plans. To start a Video Call, customers must be connected to the AT&T mobile network in an AT&T HD Voice coverage area.

Customers using Advanced Messaging will be able to send larger files (up to 10 MB) by text and will be told when messages are delivered, read and will be made aware of when the other person is typing their response. To enjoy the service, both the customer and the person receiving the message need to be AT&T postpaid wireless customers with appropriate devices and inside AT&T’s coverage. At the moment, the service is only available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active and the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. The rates for SMS and MMS apply, however, each text or file is counted and billed individually.

Both Video Call and Advanced Messaging will be available via an update of software and customers will receive a notification to download the update on their device.

In July, T-Mobile US became the first U.S. wireless carrier to launch RCS-based offerings. The carrier launched new messaging services using RCS technology first in July and followed this in early September with the launch of a native video calling service on its network using RCS. Initially, it also only made the service available on a limited scale.

T-Mobile’s Advanced Messaging supports a host of services, including message delivery, group messaging and read-mail notices, and offers the chance to send high-resolution photos and videos up to 10MB. T-Mobile CTO, Neville Ray, said T-Mobile’s launch of RCS stemmed from the carrier’s launch in 2014 of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services.

T-Mobile also started the service on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and customers can gain access via software updates. At the time, T-Mobile said it was working with other carriers in order that customers can use built-in video calling across a variety of wireless networks.

telepacific 800x600TelePacific and Aligned Communications Sign Distribution Agreement

November 23, 2015 . By M8Trix Communications

Earlier in November TelePacific Communications announced it had signed a distribution agreement with Aligned Communications, a regional full-service telecommunications consulting firm, brokerage and master agency founded in Dallas in 2008. The new partnership emphasizes delivery of TelePacific’s connectivity, cloud and continuity solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), mainly in Texas via Aligned’s network of over 300 subagents.

The companies have worked together previously; last year, Aligned acted as a subagent when it started selling TelePacific’s services to small and medium businesses (SMBs). This seems to have been a good working relationship for both companies. In less than 12 months of the partnership, Aligned became one of TelePacific’s Top 10 Partners.

TelePacific is a provider of managed services, which include telecommunications and Internet connectivity. It offers hosted PBX, voice services, private networking, voice over IP (VoIP) applications, data colocation,  fixed wireless services and cloud computing, not naming everything, for small, medium and enterprise businesses.

“TelePacific’s solutions include the perfect blend of services for the small and medium business customers that the vast majority of our subagents serve,” said Dave Wallace, President of Aligned Communications. “They offer voice and data plus hosted PBX and email, etc. — all on a single bill. Having these products and being in the state of Texas — where 80 percent of our agents have customers—made TelePacific a good fit for us.”

Wallace said the two companies have been working together closely in order to ensure faster and cleaner installations and develop post-sales escalation support. Wallace emphasized, “When we choose a carrier to do business with, let’s just say we like to ride the horses that we have in our stable. TelePacific‘s dedication to making us successful for our agents and our customers means that they’re getting the lion’s share of our business in the SMB customer segment right now.”

TelePacific’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Opportunities, Ken Bisnoff agreed, stating, “We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of the Texas partner community, giving our full attention, resources and focus on winning their confidence. We feel delighted and fortunate to add Aligned Communications to our select roster of Master Agents and learn from them as they join our Advisory Board members because we both share the same bedrock customer-focused values. Together, we can provide Texas business customers the quality managed services solutions they need to grow, backed by the same industry-leading commitment to the customer experience lifecycle that has powered TelePacific’s growth in California and Nevada over the past 18 years.”

The collaboration between these two companies will deliver TelePacific’s connectivity, cloud and continuity solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses (SMEs) through Aligned’s network of more than 300 subagents.

RapidScaleRapidScale Announces Strategic Partnerships and 2016 Global Expansion

November 23, 2015 . By M8Trix Communications

Earlier this month, RapidScale, a leader in Desktop as a Service and managed cloud services provider announced its 2016 market expansion and underscored its latest strategic partnerships. RapidScale has dependably tracked over 200% annualized growth since its founding. In addition to being a definitive player in the growth of cloud services, the company has also developed a strong base within the U.S. and Canada’s biggest cable and telecommunications carriers.

RapidScale has targeted developing large-scale strategic partnerships with numerous Multiple-System Operators (MSOs) across the industry. RapidScale is poised to become the go-to underlying cloud services provider for numerous of the largest MSOs in the North American space.

In addition, RapidScale has built one of the most reliable and forward-thinking global cloud platforms. By focusing on a synchronous managed services approach, RapidScale is able to provide businesses with an all-in-one infrastructure solution that includes Hosted Exchange, Virtual Desktops, Infrastructure as a Service, and Disaster Recovery. The company’s aim is to offer a business the ability to transfer their IT operations onto the RapidScale cloud platform and deliver comprehensive management incorporating end-user support, application integration and infrastructure management and monitoring.

In 2015, Rapidscale solidified a partnership with Convergia, global provider of voice, data, and internet services based in Montreal, QC. This partnership gave RapidScale a stronger Canadian and Latin American presence to further their global deployment of cloud services. Additional core partners in place include Star2Star, Tierpoint and Samsung.

Additionally, RapidScale is adding new cloud facilities in the fourth quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016. The aim of the expansion is to offer the lowest delivery timeframes and latency for applications being provided globally.  By the end of 2015, RapidScale intends to have finalized a build out of their new Montreal, QC, cloud facility and will have kicked off deployment of their cloud facilities in Hong Kong and London. In 2016, RapidScale will be further expanding its physical office locations to Tampa, FL, Chicago, IL and Dallas, TX.

CEO of RapidScale. Randy Jeter, says, “The shift to cloud for businesses is further developing and RapidScale is in such a strong position to be a game-changer in the global Managed Cloud Services and CloudDesktop market.  The “cloud” has become a proven concept and is now primed for global adoption, and RapidScale will be the front-runner for that deployment”.

Level 3 Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions Now Available Across CoreSite   Data Center Platform

November 23, 2015 . By M8Trix Communications

CoreSite Realty Corporation (COR), a provider of secure, high-performance data center solutions throughout the U.S., announced last week that Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions are now available in every one of CoreSite’s seventeen North American data centers. This adds to Level 3’s established connectivity across CoreSite’s facilities. CoreSite’s customers can access private, low latency connections to primary cloud service providers through Level 3’s global network, which connects five hundred markets and sixty countries.

Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions assist businesses in deploying efficacious hybrid cloud architectures by offering enhanced network performance, security and flexibility compared to only using the public Internet. Businesses that use Level 3 Cloud Connect can also add or change connections between their WAN and public, private and hybrid cloud resources to best cater to changing business demand. Furthermore, via Level 3 Cloud Connect, CoreSite’s customers now have access to on-demand, scheduled or alerts-driven scalable bandwidth functionality and real-time network reporting capabilities, enabled by Level 3’s Adaptive Network Control Solutions.

CoreSite’s customer ecosystems include a wide array of enterprise companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, entertainment and digital media. The need for cloud solutions grows along with the enterprises, including hybrid cloud, to handle primary or redundant roles for their most urgent IT business needs. Flexible, secure networking solutions like Level 3 Cloud Connect are increasingly necessary in supporting these critical applications.

Ben Green, Vice President of Network and Mobility Sales at CoreSite said, “Having Level 3 Cloud Connect service available in CoreSite facilities highlights our commitment to providing the best available network and cloud solutions to our customer ecosystems.” Green added, “Level 3’s global network provides reach and service levels that enhance the reliable, high-performance experience our customers have come to expect from CoreSite data centers.”

About CoreSite

CoreSite Realty Corporation (COR) delivers secure, reliable, high-performance data center solutions across eight key North American markets. More than 800 of the world’s leading enterprises, network operators, cloud providers, and supporting service providers choose CoreSite to connect, protect and optimize their performance-sensitive data, applications and computing workloads. Our scalable, flexible solutions and 350+ dedicated employees consistently deliver unmatched data center options — all of which leads to a best-in-class customer experience and lasting relationships. For more information, visit www.CoreSite.com.


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