Board of Directors and Staff

Elizabeth Kaye Holland – CEO

Expertise: MPLS, SIP, IP VOIP, CLOUD, Colocation, Conferencing, Professional Services.

Elizabeth Kaye HollandElizabeth Holland has over 15 years of telecommunications experience. She has a BA in Psychology from California State University of Los Angeles. Prior to consulting, she’s had the opportunity to work with the top IT carriers in the Industry including; West Corporation, Verizon, and Centurylink/Savvis. She is widely known for hard work, honesty, and relationship building skills. Her expertise and skills has regarded her as a top partner, amongst her Master Agency Intelysis.

Adena Jones – Director of Administration-Lead Project Manager I

Adena Jones has over 18 years of experience in Business Development. She attended Glendale Community College majoring in Communications. She is a top notch hunter and farmer of accounts. She stays close to implementation opportunities and has a close eye to detail. She is a great asset to M8trix as she creates and follows through with diverse opportunities.

Expertise: Business Development

Adrineh Bonyad – Commissions and Reports Specialist I

Adrineh Bonyad has been with the Matrix team for over a year. She has a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of California, Riverside. Her past experience in the field of scientific research has trained her to become efficient and reliable while working in a team setting. Adrineh’s critical thinking skills give her the ability to always find a solution to any difficult problem.

Expertise: Business Development

David Browning – Director of Operations

David Browning has been instrumental to M8trix. His previous experience in Operations has guided him to be an excellent asset to the team. His persistence, education, and experience has been irreplaceable.

Expertise: Business Development

Leoby Montero – Order and Administration Specialist I

leo-2x2Leoby Montero Experienced project manager offering 8 years of success leading all phases of diverse technology projects and web implementation launches.  Demonstrated track record of successfully managing small to large projects from start to finish.  He provides both clerical and administrative support and plays a vital part in the administration and smooth-running of business.

Expertise: Business Administration, Project Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Marketing.

Sirena Torres – Front and Back Office Management

profile_photo_placeholderSirena Torres has over 5 years of experience in office management. She graduated from Moorpark College majoring in English. She is a mother of one, a horse training instructor and works diligently to create an efficient environment within M8trix Communications.

Expertise: Office Management

Dylan Gaines – UMS Banking / VP of National Business Develepment

Dylan GainesDylan Gaines has been with UMS Banking for 10+ years. He’s in charge of creating business development and networking with companies. He forms alliance partners and value added services to diverse clients. His specialities are PCI compliance and reducing your processing fees with diverse banking institutons. Dylan is a father, husband and a dedicated asset to UMS Banking and M8trix communications. His specialties deliver the upmost cost savings and solutions out in the market